About me |关于我

Born in 1982 in Ningbo and lives and works in Shanghai. In recent years, when visiting a city, I kept collecting images of local cities, such as the ornamental patterns of architectures, and through manual or digital processing, I have transformed them into a variety of mix media works including painting, collage, fabrics, video and site-specific installation. In my works, the applied fragmented patterns lose the original context and appear as another abstract forms, to transform the space into a pictorial landscape. After completing the MA of Chinese Traditional Landscape Painting at Sichuan University, I studied at the MA of Painting Department of the Frank Mohr Institute in the Netherlands. Some of my recent works include installation “Re-encode—Pattern XI-∞” presented at the Centre for Heritage Arts & Textile in Hong kong (2020), installation “A Growing Landscape (III)” at the Pearl Art Museum in Shanghai (2020), solo exhibition “Pattern XI-∞” at the A Thousand Plateaus Art Space in Chengdu (2019), public art projects “Connection Mode No. V, X, L, C” at the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture in Shenzhen (2019), public art project “Things That Flow” at the Shanghai Urban Space Art Season (2019).


我于四川大学中国画山水画专业取得硕士学位,继而在荷兰获得Frank Mohr学院绘画专业艺术硕士学位。近来参展的作品包括在香港Centre for Heritage Arts & Textile的空间装置“再编码—纹样XI-∞” (2020),上海明珠美术馆的空间装置“生长中的风景(III)” (2020), 成都千高原艺术空间的个展“纹样XI-∞” (2019) ,深港建筑双城双年展的公共艺术项目“关于连结的第V, X, L, C种方式”(2019),上海城市空间艺术季的公共艺术项目“流动之物”(2019)。