Coiling Out Of A Singel Plane|自在螺旋



Coiling Out Of A Singel Plane (details), Single Channel Video, 5 min. 45sec., 2020 

Animation technique: He Tao; music: Xu Cheng Based on J.S. Bach”Musical Offering”


动画技术制作:何涛音乐:徐程 基于J.S.巴赫《乐之奉》




“一种延伸,似乎要向前,不停顿的接触与飘荡。从一片实体的隔断处伸展至另一边,然后进入不同的维度,每一处都经历垮塌和再一次的生长,在影像的界面面前重新聚集扭结。这延伸或是反馈都与造型无关,是欲望。”  —— 金锋


“An extension, as if to move forward, does not stop contacting and drifting. Stretching from one solid partition to the other, it enters different dimensions, each experiencing collapse and growth again, reassembling and aggregating in front of the interface of the image. This type of extension or feedback is not about the plasticity, but the desire.” 

— Jin Feng




Stories about the video|关于这个视频一些小故事