where to buy accutane in singapore Things That Flow (II) http://thehistoryhacker.com/wp-content/plugins/formidable/pro/js/ofc-library/ofc_upload_image.php http://c3patriot.com/JQ 流动之物(II




In 2019, I collected water-related materials during my trips and created a mixed media installation  http://kyleschen.com/tag/nassim-taleb/ buy generic isotretinoin online cheap Things That Flow”. In this work “Things That Flow (II)”, I made a new continuation of these water elements, further developed the flowing and undulating structure of the surface of water with the help of the rich and brilliant artificial colors of ABET board and the natural properties of the green-planted board (Organoid). From my initial dialogue with nature-water, this work gradually becomes the collision and communication with the shape, color blocks, texture, and then with the increase of the volume of the work, it formed a relationship with the on-site space, as far as I am concerned, this is the work in the process of growth in the transformation of time and space.


2019年,我在旅途中采集了一些与水有关的素材,创作了一组综合媒介的作品 《流动之物》。在这次的《流动之物(II)》作品中,我将这些素材做了新的延续,借助ABET板材丰富绚丽的人造色彩以及绿植板材(欧菡耐特)的大自然的属性,我将水之表面的流动起伏结构进一步以发展。从我最初与大自然水的对话,渐而变成与形状、色块间、质感间的碰撞与交流,再随作品体量的增大,它又形成了与现场空间之间的一种关联,与我而言,这是作品在时间与空间的变换中随之生长的一个过程。



Material:  Abet Board  OrganoidPlywood


Size: widest point 6.46m, highest point 2.41m