Things That Flow




In the work of “Things That Flow”, I collected the patterns of water and life from the traditional Chinese landscape painting, stone carvings, and the ancient book “The Classic of Mountains and Seas”, through combining and assembling these fragments, it transformed into a pixelated mosaic water pattern on the ground. 

The video part of “Things That Flow” was created together with the mosaic work. In the exhibition of Shanghai Urban Space Art Season, it was suspended on the mosaic ground, the water wave animation flowing in time produced a conversation with the water patterns in the mosaic. In the video, I try to pixel the water captured during the journey by different means, to transform it into flowing lines and RGB color blocks. 

I invited artist, Xu Cheng, to create a sound part for the work. Xu Cheng filled the whole space with the collected water sound for many years. The sound of melted snow water, the lake wave and the Jiangnan rain were all gathered here. The acoustic scene reproduced the change of water from the level of detail.

在作品《流动之物》中,我采集了中国传统山水画、石刻、古籍《山海经》中的水纹样或水中生命的纹样, 将这些纹样组合拼贴,并将图案以像素化,以工业生产的方式将图像转换为了马赛克,生成了一幅铺在地面的水纹图景。




                                                                         Exhibition at the Shanghai Urban Space Art Season展览于上海城市空间艺术季


Floor: mosaic, acrylic paint, 92 square meters. The hanging video screen: P2.5 LED screens, 11 meters length

Video duration: 3’14”

地面:马赛克,丙烯颜料,92平方米,悬挂的视频:P2.5 LED, 11米长,宽度为异形。



Sound: Xu Chen


Photo: Tian Fangfang, Shin Masui, Guo Bo, Bi Rongrong 

摄影:田方方,增井辰一郎 郭波,毕蓉蓉



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