Installation Stitched Urban Skin | 装置 缝合的城市皮肤

The winning work of the Spirit of the Spirit of Ecstasy Challenge in Muse, the Rolls-Royce Arts Programme.



In Stitched Urban Skin, I outlined the gaps between the leaves and the patterns on the buildings, overlapping them. At the same time, I combined textile (crochet, Suzhou embroidery, Xiaoshan lace technique), metal, LED animation, acrylic, and “stitched” them together. | 在缝合的城市皮肤这件作品中,我勾勒了树叶之间的缝隙,以及建筑物上的纹样,将它们重合。同时我结合了织物(钩针、苏绣、萧山花边等技法)、金属、LED动画、亚克力灯材料,将它们“缝合”在一起。

Material: acrylic, embroidery fabric, crocheted fabric, aluminum, electroplating, painting, LED, sound device

作品材料:亚克力,刺绣织物,钩针织物,铝,电镀,喷漆,LED, 声音装置


The front view of the work | 作品正面视角




Different views of the work |作品的不同视角

The parts of the LED animation|作品的一部分LED动画
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A video about this work made by Muse Art Programme, Rolls-Royce|关于我这件作品的介绍视频,由劳斯莱斯缪斯艺术项目制作