A Growing Landscape|生长中的风景(III)

2020. 8


From collecting material to painting and then developing to site-specific installations, it is a way for me to dialogue with nature or the surrounding environment. From this, my works grow in the transformation of time and space. 

In the works presented in this exhibition, I used some Chinese medicinal plants that have been closely related to my life in the past one or two years as material. These plants act on my body on the one hand, and on the other hand, they made me spiritually curious about and interested in them over time. When I was painting, it seemed that it had become a daily routine to listen to some programs of ancient medical records. With my interest in these plants, I transformed the materials into manuscripts, where the lines, fragments, and colors are intertwined with my previous works and architectural spaces like vines. They may no longer be related to the original context, but intervene in a new environment with a more independent form, and grow into another pictorial landscape. 





Exhibition at the Pearl Art Museum展览于上海明珠美术馆


A Growing Landscape (III)—Manuscript Series, pencil, watercolor, Ultra Giclee print, leaves, linen, polyester thread, acrylic glue, acid-free watercolor paper, 25.5x35cm or 35x51cm each, 14 pieces, 2020 

生长中的风景(III手稿系列,铅笔、水彩、Ultra Giclee打印、树叶、亚麻布、涤纶线、丙烯胶,无酸水彩纸,25.5x35cm35x51cm每件,共14件,2020


A Growing Landscape (III)–Carpet, orlondimension variable, 2020, carpet produced by Guangzhou Sheng Di Decorative Material Co., Ltd



A Growing Landscape (III)—Wallpaper, dimension variable, ECO-solvent ink print on non-woven paper, 2020, wall paper printed by Shanghai Zhongge Print material co., Ltd



Photo by Yan Haibo, Bi Rongrong 



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Manuscript 01-14|手稿 01-14

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