Semi-Enclosed Eccentric Circles|半围合的离心圆 



The patterns in this work Originally inspired by posters and graffiti seen on British streets, then I furthered my investigation into the patterns spotted on the exterior walls and interior decorations of ancient architecture in European countries and Middle East, as well as on textiles and articles of everyday use. The patterns, on the one hand, could be deemed as “skin” of different cities and cultural entities; and on the other, they are also a kind of fragmented records of my life trajectory.





Exhibition at the UNArt Center, Shanghai展览于上海UNArt中心


Video (projection), fabric, wallpaper, carpet, LED light 

dimension variable



Sound: Xu Chen 声音:徐程 

Video technique: He Tao 视频制作:何涛 

Single Channel Video, 2 min. 54 sec. 单屏录象, 2分54秒 

Photo: Cui Mangjun, Zhang Congxin, Xu Xiaorun 摄影:崔漭俊、章丛欣,徐晓润 



Exhibition View | 展览现场



                                                                                                                         Details of Video work|视频作品的局部

Click to play the video|点击播放