Ideal & Useless Space 2


2019. 5


This mural was originated from my painting Ideal & Useless Space. It was once transformed into a small grocery store space in a market, and the small shop became a useless but idealized painting space. Today the painting is extended to the surface of a khaki-colored building that looks like a temporary house or office, creating a new real space. Whether this real space is closely related to the real environment, whether it can be used as a way to measure the environment or reshape the environment is the topic that the series Ideal & Useless Space is trying to discuss.


Acrylic on wallSize: site-specific





A previous work in 2011|2011年的一件作品

bazaar compatible program #4|兼容的盒子计划第四期 


“Ideal & Useless Space”




Material: acrylic on wall, tape on ceiling, and carpet on floor