Pattern XI—Laforet’s Tile


The work consists of a small drawing, a piece of textile and an animation. “Pattern XI” was collected from the floor of the Laforet castle in Italy where I did a residency in 2017. I was deeply impressed by the black and densely-interwoven pattern on the floor, and in a sense, it’s almost become a symbol of the castle when I think of it. Somehow, for me, it could tell me the age of the building and the esthetic view of its owner. That I’ve used the pattern again and again into my works is a way for me to cherish and revisit the almost untrue beauty of what I felt in that summer residency. Also it is a way to for me continuously explore the possibilities of the pattern.






Mixed media



The installation was exhibited at the Zhejiang Museum of Art.


2018. 10


Details of Video work | 视频作品的局部