Solo Exhibition WAVE | 个展穹顶二


The wave (water) pattern is one of the elements I collected during my trips. In this exhibition of Shanghai Museum of Glass, I used the wave (water) pattern as a starting point, gradually it grew into more various forms, like new geometric shapes, color gradient, curve, spiral and so on, with the growing process, I tried to make connections between them and the space. The wave pattern itself seems to be no longer important because the construction relationship has generated during the process.




Photo by H2 Studio, Bi Rongrong | 摄影 H2工作室,毕蓉蓉

Exhibition at the Shanghai Museum of Glass | 展览于上海玻璃博物馆



Exhibition view | 展览现场


Works | 作品



Colored Pieces-Repeated Patterns | 反复纹样的彩色片

glass, stainless steel, fabric, reinforcing steel bar, fish string, wire cable | 玻璃、布、不锈钢、钢筋、鱼线、钢丝绳

dimension variable |尺寸依场地而定




Combined Curve 1 连缀的曲线之一

reinforcing steel bar, paint, iron bar, glass, fish string, wire cable | 钢筋、油漆、铁棒、琉璃、鱼线、钢丝绳

width 4.1m, hight 3.7m | 4.1m、高3.7m

Combined Curve 2 连缀的曲线之二


LED, glass, stainless steel, paint, cable | LED、琉璃、不锈钢、油漆、电线

width 1.3m, hight 0.9m | 1.3m、高0.9m

Combined Curve 3 连缀的曲线之三


reinforcing steel bar, paint iron bar, glass | 钢筋、油漆、铁棒、琉璃

width 2.7m, hight 2.7m | 宽2.7m、高2.7m



 Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Spiral Pattern | 螺旋纹的分离与再构

reinforcing steel bar, paint, iron, glass, wire cable | 钢筋、铁、油漆、玻璃、钢丝绳

 dimension variable | 尺寸依场地而定




Continued Scattered Wave Lines 1 散点式波浪纹的延续之一

fabric, stainless steel, wire cable | 布,不锈钢,钢丝绳

width 176cm, height 106cm | 176cm,高106cm

Continued Scattered Wave Lines 2 散点式波浪纹的延续之二

glass, wire cable | 玻璃,钢丝绳

dimension variable | 尺寸依场地而定

Continued Scattered Wave Lines 3 散点式波浪纹的延续之三

fabric, stainless steel, wire cable | 布,不锈钢,钢丝绳

width 90cm, hight 85cm | 90cm,高85cm

Continued Scattered Wave Lines 4 散点式波浪纹的延续之四

glass, video, fabric, stainless steel, reinforcing steel bar, paint, wire cable | 玻璃,视频,布,不锈钢,钢筋,油漆,钢丝绳

dimension variable | 尺寸依场地而定


Details of video works | 视频作品细节


 Hovering Swallow, double screen, 3’35”, 盘旋的飞燕 , 双屏,335秒, 2017


Wave, single screen, 3’24” 

《浪》,单屏,324秒, 3’24”, 2017