Solo Exhibition Fiction Landscape | 个展 小说景观

The project Fiction Landscape is composed by drawing, painting, textile, video and installation. The project is based on my recent years trips, meanwhile developing and changing with time and spaces. I collected the fragments of patterns from different trips into my library of materials, combined with a new exhibition environment, rebuilt them with paintings, spatial installations, and digital works.




Exhibition at the A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, Chengdu





Exhibition View | 展览现场


Drawings and paintings | 绘画

Textiles and installation | 织物与装置



Details of video works | 视频作品细节




Fiction Landscape |小说风景


 Ed. 版本 3+1 AP






Text by A Thousand Plateaus Art Space 

Bi Rongrong’s “Fiction Landscape” is a single whole work, including works in different medias and their mutual relationships, mainly composed of three parts: woven works, paintings and installations. The works came out of artist’s personal experiences in different cities. From visual perception, Bi Rongrong chosen abstract symbols in countless landscapes, such as the detail of a scenery, the shape of a building, or the color lump after a fleeting sight on the street…She used these symbols as brush strokes in Chinese traditional landscape paintings: at first, same with brush strokes, symbols can imply the author’s inner feelings, visual rhythm, and the most importantly, the traces of overall memory revealed in the moment of painting. Secondly, in her weaving, painting and installation works, these “brush strokes” are not a direct description as the traditional landscape paintings, but a conversion by hand-made process. Therefore, the transfer channel from internal to external form has been changed in order to reflect artist’s life and inner experience at present. Finally, she coped with the urban landscape as the natural scenery, and this is not an escape from direct painting, but an acceptance of contemporary identity — such acceptance is a deeply understanding about traditional Chinese landscape painting as well as the foundation and key of natural wisdom that it represents. Ultimately, Bi Rongrong’s works as a whole, not only becomes a sublimation of her personal experience, but also provides a youthful way of perception connected with the past in this era.