Light—The Direction is Moving

In this project, the light installation is a part of my previous installation 7:3 Colors. The mural is the extension of the light which goes to the exhibition hall. According to the idea of light and shadow, I designed the process and structure of the mural, invited audience made the mural painting process.  

“How do you understand the direction of light? How do you represent the direction on a two-dimensional paper? Will it be a line? A circle? An open shape? A closed shape? Or a shape without shape? Please draw ‘a direction of light’.” With these questions, before the opening, the volunteers painted on a triangle canvas area which set up by me as a shadow area. On the opening duration, audience were invited to paint on the any parts of the wall. After the opening, I took down the previous shadow area, which eventually turned into a light area. 



这件作品的灯光装置部分是我之前的装置(7:3 Colors)的一个部分,壁画部分则是我对光的理解在展厅里的延伸,并且由观众共同参与完成了我对光的一些设想。

首先,我向参与绘画的观众和志愿者提出了一些问题:你如何理解光的方向?你又如何在一张平面的纸上表现你所理解的方向?它将是一条线?一个圈?一个开放式的形状?一个封闭的形状?或者是一个没有形状的形状?带着这些问题,在开幕前的布展中,我邀请了几位志愿者绘制了我所设定的一片三角阴影区。开幕过程中,观众们被邀请在整面墙上的任意区域来描绘他们所理解的光之方向。在开幕结束之后,我取下了之前的三角形阴影区, 原本的阴影区转变为了一束新的光的区域。


 Light installation: Transparent colored plexiglas, stainless steel, LED | 灯光装置部分:透明彩色有机玻璃,不锈钢支架,LED

Mural: Acrylic on canvas and on wall | 壁画部分:布面丙烯,墙面丙烯

Photo by Bi Minfeng | 摄影:毕珉烽