Stage Setting 

A Transformation of ‘Tri-Images 2/3

 In March, 2015, I created a painting installation project “Tri-Images—A Drawing Being Produced” at A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, which contains three parts—a drawing on paper (Tri-Images 1/3), a painting on canvas (Tri-Images 2/3), a wall painting and print on windows (Tri-Images 3/3). In this project, the drawing was the basis, and the elements of it came from different images I collected from the city Manchester where I did a residency last year. The paintings grew out of the drawing. 

For Jutta Hell and Dieter Baumann’s triptych dance project “Wiederholung und Differenz”(“Repetition and Difference”), I transformed the elements of the painting “Tri-Images 2/3” into the installation on the stage for their third duet. The fragments reflect the time and the space that I experienced while I was traveling. With the changing of the space, from a city to a painting surface, from a white cube box to a black stage box, thinking and objects are transform and grow.



《三联图 2/3》的一个空间转换

2015三月,我在千高原艺术空间创作了一件绘画装置作品《三联图-制作中的素描》,它包含了三个部分——一件纸本绘画(三联图1/3),一张布面绘画(三联图2/3),一件画在墙上和打印拼贴在窗户上的作品(三联图3/3)。在这个作品中,纸本绘画是作品的基础,其中的元素采集自曼彻斯特这个我去年驻留过三个月城市各处的街头艺术,布面绘画则是将纸本绘画中的元素叠加发展而来。在Jutta HellDieter Baumann的舞蹈项目《变奏三部曲》中,我在他们第三部曲的舞台空间中将这件布面绘画中的元素进行了重新安排。这些碎片描述着我在旅途中所经历的时间与空间。随着空间的转换,从一个城市,到一张绘画的平面,到一个白盒子的空间,再到黑色的舞台空间,我的思考和对象们发生着不断的碰撞和生发。

photo | 摄影: Dirk Bleicker  


Concept, choreography and dance: Jutta Hell, Dieter Baumann | 概念编舞和舞蹈Jutta Hell, Dieter Baumann

Stage set: Bi Rongrong | 舞台设计毕蓉蓉

Music: Reinhold Friedl, Wolfgang Bley – Borkowski | 音乐Reinhold Friedl, Wolfgang Bley – Borkowski

Dramaturgy: Eva Maria Hoerster | 戏剧艺术Eva Maria Hoerster

Lighting design: Fabian Bleisch | 灯光设计Fabian Bleisch

Production manager: Sven Neumann | 项目管理Sven Neumann

Communication: k3 berlin | 媒体K3 柏林

Location: Studio 14, Uferstudios, Berlin | 演出地点柏林Uferstudios, 14号工作室

Dates: 24-27.9.2015 | 时间201592427


Performance view | 表演现场


Tri-Images 2/3, Acrylic on canvas, 190x190cm, March, 2015, Photo by Guo Bo

三联图 2/3, 布面丙烯, 190x190cm, 20153摄影:郭波