Wuxue Manchester CMYK–Three Months artist residency in Manchester 

August 2-November 2, 2014

Taking residency in a studio located at the centre of the city, allows me to easily to see what is going on in the city. I like to see the posters, prints, graffiti in the shops or on the streets, which has offered me lots of inspiration for my own work. In my few recent drawings, I have worked from my photos of the poster walls at the outside of Islington mill artists studio area, and some graffiti in the Northern Quarter area. The poster walls from Islington mill is like the collages of the time. By the years, different artists have pasted posters or painted artwork on the walls, then these are torn down, and pasted or painted over again. The conscious and unconscious layers put together is, for me, the same as the process of making drawings. By the inspiration, I have re-composed and re-collaged the images I collected, which brought me a fresh and enjoyable process to make drawings.



prelusorily 曼彻斯特 Bārākpur CMYK -我在曼彻斯特驻留的三个月


我的工作室坐落在曼城的市中心,这让我能很方便的观察到城市中的每一天生活。我很喜欢出门看街上或咖啡吧或店铺里的海报,印刷品,涂鸦,这让我感觉我被各种充满创造力的事物包围着,它们为我新作品的发展带来很多的启发。在我最近的一些绘画(drawing)中,我借鉴了很多在街上拍摄的照片,有很大一部分是来自Islington Mill艺术家工作室区外的墙壁以及市中心 Northern Quarter地区的一些涂鸦墙。比如,Islington Mill外墙上的海报就好像是一个用时间堆积起来的拼贴画。很多年来,不同的艺术家在这些墙上贴自己的海报,或者直接在上面涂涂改改,然后这些海报又部分地被撕掉,新的又被贴上去,或又有艺术家随手在上面涂了几个笔触。这些层次被有意识的无意识的叠在一起,在我看来,这就是一个精彩的制作绘画(drawing)的过程。藉着这种启发,我在画面中开始重新“拼贴”这些收集来的图片,它们就好像是我在曼城的每一天经历的点滴,各种记忆碎片的集合。




Manchester CMYK 10/14 |曼彻斯特CMYK 10/14

Silk screen print on lino and acrylic, laser cut on paper, wooden panel, screw | 漆布表面和压克力表面丝网印刷纸本激光切割木板螺丝

15x20cmx4, 2014.10