A Tangible Shadow

buy Ivermectin for humans I imagine the direction of where it goes, while I draw it on a paper. I imagine where it starts, and where it ends up. It is flat, but also contains an endless dimension. They come across, meanwhile detached. On a piece of white sheet, it opens my mind to make choices for them. When the sheet is broken, goes into transparent and enterable, the imagination of the drawing is also broken. It suddenly turns into reachable, touchable, and concrete. It could be above you, beside you, around you, or beyond you. You are into the story, become a part of it.

buy modafinil online usa The piece of ‘A Tangible Shadowis based on my practice of drawings. Drawing for me, is a way starting a story; a line in a drawing starts its direction, brings its plane. It could be light or heavy, could be simple or complicated, could be fragile or tough. When I worked in this specific space/location, I decided its heaviness, its direction, its texture, and its color. It is tangible, and starts to communicate with the space.

accutane where can i buy it  阴影的形体 

Radomyshl’ 当我在一张纸上描绘的时候,我想像着它行进的方向。我假设着它从这里开始,到那里结束。它既是平面的,但又似乎容纳着一个无尽的维度。它们穿梭着交织着,同时又相互分离,互不触碰。在一张白色的纸面上,我开始打开思绪为它们做一些选择。而当这个纸面破裂,变得透明,并可进入,描绘中的想像思绪也随之被打破。它突然变得能够被接触,变得具体。它可能在你的身体之上,在你的旁边,围绕着你,或者置之于你可触及的远处。你进入到了这个叙事的内部,并成为了其中的一部分。



deformed steel barsPaint螺纹钢油漆

Located at the Sifang Collective in Nanjing 装置位于南京四方当代艺术中心

Photo by Guo Bo摄影郭波



Installation view | 装置现场